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Ebay author memorabilia package. Buy some weird stuff and feel good about giving to charity.
Buy the original Hairdos wig worn by author


The 80s were a spectacular time for really stupid hairdos. I had some of them, which seems like a sweet memory now. Anyway, this first pic just cracks me up. The 80s


In case you've never seen the underneath of one of these: The Thin Skin Toupee


Interview on Fox 5 Flawless


Bald Men and Dating. Pretty funny. No Hair Dilemma


Show up on a date with this and see what happens. Animal


Doug on Facebook, even though his daughter cringes at the thought. Facebook


"I would be depressed without my hair - I've had it cut short before and I feel really bad for weeks afterwards, it's not a good experience."

High school kid who was suspended for not cutting his hair. I'd be depressed without my hair


Cicily Janus interviewed Doug for Art Nouveau.
Check it out


Hair is important, and perhaps our looks are central to how we feel about ourselves. The novels "Flawless" and "Hairdos" are part of a Beauty Knows No Pain Trilogy. I think this article sums some of that up. Hair Loss and Suicide


21 worst movie hairdos!!! Film Hairdos That Make the Character


Doug won the Georgia Author of the Year Award for his memoir, The All-American Industrial Motel. He had to beat President Jimmy Carter!


Video of Doug at the venerable Southern Voices conference in Hoover, AL Rejection


Can't beat the hairdos in Hairspray. purdy


I sometimes can't help myself. Bald Movie Stars!


Depression and reading? Doctors prescribe a good book to treat mild cases.
Reading vs. prozac


Dog-shaped hairdo? Yikes! dog-shaped hairdo


Check out what you can do on the Try It Out Studio! You can see what you'd look like with a different hairdo, or in some cases, with actual hair.

New Hairdo


Look at these pics of Phil Spector's hair. That first one is absolutely the hairdo of a depressed person. Yikes! Phil's Hairdo


A new piece entitled, Foreclosure will appear in The SUN in July. The SUN Magazine If you're not aware of this dynamic and vibrant magazine, you're really missing out. I read it from front to back each month and walk away renewed. Get a subscription; trust me, it's worth it.


Beauty Knows No Pain. Is it true? Check out this article about good looking people having an easier time in the court system.
Ugly Defendants


For all of those who submit a review for Flawless on Amazon.com, you'll be getting a signed, one-of-a-kind bumper sticker. Just shoot me an e-mail once you've posted a review and don't forget to include your mailing address!


Things are ramping up for the Flawless Tour. Check out the Book Tour page for specific times and dates. In the meantime, visit the Flawless Skin group on Facebook to chat, post pictures or write on the wall.


Flawless Skin mirrors available now!! On one side, it's the book cover, on the other it's a small mirror. The mirrors are pore-reducing or pore-enlarging, depending on your self-esteem that day.


Check out the blurb from Tom Perrotta! (Look on the home page) Talk about a dream come true. I've read his fiction for years, from his awesome short story collection, Bad Haircut to the spine tingling Little Children. Just can't wait until his new novel, The Abstinence Teacher is out this fall!!!! Do yourself a favor and order all of his books now and delve in.


I love blue cheese. Check out this link for all kinds of blue cheese recipes. BC


Lots of folks have e-mailed about when the new book is out. The official pub date is March 2007, but if you want to see the cover and the first couple of blurbs, it's up on Amazon. The All-American Industrial Motel


Love fresh tomatoes? Here's a great link to 25 delicious recipes.
Cooking Light


My beautiful daughter and I were involved in an awful wreck where the police decided to engage in a dangerous high-speed chase. I wrote about it and you can find it here: Atlanta Magazine


Some people have e-mailed about how to get the essays I've published in The SUN. Of course, you can't go wrong with getting a subscription, but you can also buy individual issues here: The Sun


A good friend and a wonderful writer, Cathy Day, wrote this fine piece about Pig Boy. Post Road


I had the great opportunity to speak with Josh Riley, a soon-to-be 9th grader in Louisiana who had read Pig Boy. Josh interviewed me like a pro about the writing life. Here's to Josh and an A+ on the book report!!!


My daughter Kennedy was slightly proud but also a tad bit mortified to have me speaking and reading at her school. Go here for a few pics of the event.


Don't forget to come out to the Indiana Historical Society if you live in and around Indianapolis. This year's Holiday Author Fair looks to be the best ever! Two of my favorite Hoosier writers, Cathy Day and Michael Martone, will also be on hand. What better way to celebrate holiday giving than with signed copies of great books!!


Some pieces will be out soon. If you're in Indiana check out Doug's essay about book touring in small towns in the October issue of Indianapolis Monthly.

Also, if you're in Atlanta, check out Doug's essay on a high-speed police chases in the October issue of Atlanta Magazine. Atlanta

Lastly, Doug is a regular contgributor to the wonderful magazine, The SUN. A new essay will be forthcoming from the SUN in September. The SUN


Doug has been awarded the 2005 Goldfarb Fellowship in Nonfiction, which means he will spend two weeks at the beautiful Virginia Center for the Creative Arts at Mt. San Angelo.



Wanna write? Then come join Doug at the Midwest Writers Workshop in Muncie, Indiana from July 28-30. Doug will be on the faculty along with Jeffery Deaver and Gordon Kirkland and many other fine writers.


March 1st is National Pig Day. Save a runt, buy turkey bacon or give a pig a blanket. But most of all, celebrate one of the most endearing and ingenious animals on the planet.


Pig Boy will be off the road for a little bit. The next book, The All-American Industrial Motel, also a memoir, is due to the publisher by March 15th. After that date, Doug will be back at it, doing a few signings and readings. Stay tuned for more info!


Check out Doug in an interview on WTHR (NBC affiliate) in Indy at 12:50 pm on Dec. 3rd.


Okay, it's back to the Hoosier state the weekend of Dec. 3rd. Check out the book tour page for appearance info. The Detroit tour stop was lots of fun and if you ever find yourself in Howell, MI stop in at Aria Booksellers, you won't regret it!


Good news! Powells.com has selected Pig Boy's Wicked Bird as one of their 14 Fall favorites. Check out this link to read more about it. 14 Fall Favorites


This week kicked off a strand of book club appearances. One book club that hosted Doug went all out, with "wicked wings" and "pigs in a blanket" as the entrees. And the group even utilized an entire Bicentennial theme: red, white and blue everywhere. It was like walking back into the year of 1976!


The Midwest book tour was a blast! A 30 min. documentary titled, pig boy's wicked bird: the selling of a writer, is currently being edited and will be shown at a prominent bookstore in Indiana soon. Stay tuned for more details! Meanwhile, here are two new reviews of the book:

"Pig Boy's Wicked Bird reads more like a literary novel than a memoir. The story not only puts you directly into the boots of the Crandell family but has the drama, lyricism and thematic development of a work of art." --Seattle Times, September 19, 2004

"Pig Boy's Wicked Bird is alternatively funny and tender and Crandell writes with a novelist�s flair.� --Sept. 15, 2004 issue of Booklist


Don't miss Doug on two upcoming television morning show interviews. On September 10th at 8:00 am on Fox 59 WXIN-TV in Indy

or in Terre Haute on September 13th at 6:30 am WTHI-TV CBS Action 10 News


Doug will be interviewed on the radio at: WRTC radio in Elkhart, IN Tune in on September 3rd at 1:35 pm


Wanna see what an ISBN tattoo is? Click here: Doug's tattoo


Check out what happened at the big Blue Moon Cafe event in Mississippi Blue Moon Cafe III


Indianapolis Monthly will publish an excerpt in the September issue, along with the book tour dates and locations in Indiana. It's a fine magazine and a great venue for a portion of the book.


Do you want to know everything you can about pigs? Well, tid bits of info regarding all things porcine will start showing up here. In the meantime, go here to get the scoop on The Joy of Pigs


The Book Expo in Chicago was really a lot of fun! I signed advance reading copies, gave away Pig Boy buttons non-stop, and drank some good beer at the MacAdam/Cage booth.

The good folks at IPG made the whole experience a real pleasure. Stay tuned....


The web site is officially up and Pig Boy has been set free to root around the web. Drop by here often to hear all about, well, Pig Boy News.